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Bitstream Type Odyssey 2
Linotype Gold Edition 2.0
Linotype Originals 2.0
Linotype Neue Helv Collection

Font Collections

Linotype Font Collections

Linotype Gold 2.0 Edition (New)
£5,715 - 10 Users
£10,285 - 20 Users
PS & TT formats only - Approx. 20,000 fonts

Linotype’s GoldEdition™ 2.0 DVD includes all the PostScript and TrueType fonts from Linotype, Monotype, and ITC. With over 7,500 styles (more than 20,000 fonts), this is the largest collection of traditionally formatted fonts offered for sale, nearly doubling the number of fonts included in the previous GoldEdition release, version 1.7.1.

Linotype Originals 2.0
£3,285 - 10 Users
£5,913 - 20 Users
OT Format - Approx 1,700 fonts

The Linotype Originals Collection 2.0, contains 1,710 OpenType fonts, including Linotype's most popular typefaces: Frutiger, Avenir, Helvetica, Neue Helvetica, Stempel Garamond, Optima, Swift, Palatino, Univers, Zapfino Extra, Trade Gothic and many more.

Neue Helvetica Collection
£561.00 - 5 users - PostScript or TrueType
£625.00 - 5 users - OpenType Std
£840.00 - 5 users - OpenType Pro

To order, please contact sales@terrapin.co.uk

Bitstream Font Collections

Bitstream Type Odyssey 2™ Collection
£995.00 (includes 20 user license)

Type Odyssey 2 is a collection of world-class fonts from the entire Bitstream Typeface Library. It comprises over 1450 fonts in PostScript and TrueType formats for either Windows or Mac. It also comes with unique designs and new releases from a selection of the world’s many foundries and designers.

To order, please contact sales@terrapin.co.uk