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Font services

AFP and Xerox fonts
Terrapin specialises in IBM AFP and Xerox high-speed printer resources, so we have particular expertise with AFP fonts and Xerox fonts.

Font Licensing
As font users, it can be difficult for companies to stay on the right side of the law. If your company uses a font which you don't hold a license for, or copy the font onto more computers, application servers or printers than you are licensed for,  then you may be in breach of license.

Terrapin has been working with fonts and font licensing since 1988 so please do not hesitate to contact us on sales@terrapin.co.uk

Signature & Logo Fonts
Terrapin can create outline fonts from your company's logo or signatures. There are several advantages to treating graphics as fonts. The graphics can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Graphics can be changed on a page by page basis by simply indexing another font, which in turn can increase the efficiency of your printers and allow them to run at manufacturer's rated speed.

Click here for a demonstration of how a Logo Font works.

Bitmap to Outline Fonts
We appreciate that not all bitmap fonts were originally created from outline fonts, so please contact us if you need Windows-friendly outline fonts available to facilitate migration of your documents.  Please click here for further details.

Custom Font Services

  • Add non-Latin alphabets to existing licensed fonts that your company may use
  • Have your company logos added to existing fonts
  • Have new characters designed in the style of your chosen font

    TrueType Font Hinting
    With the advance of the internet and eCommerce, the visual representation of fonts on screen has become increasingly important. While your fonts may look fine on the printed page, how will they look on screen at smaller point sizes, or in your PowerPoint presentation?

    The need for clearly legible screen fonts has become a necessity, both for the impression they make on your customers and to protect the health of employees who may spend all day looking at a computer monitor.

    Optimising your fonts by adding hinting and/or intelligence to the font's outline makes them more legible by preventing letters becoming distorted or difficult to read. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your on-screen documents, font hinting may be the answer. If you think you may be interested in having your fonts hinted, please contact Terrapin. We can even produce a comparative example of your hinted font before you agree to purchase anything.

    Foreign Language Fonts
    Our standard character sets contain all of the Latin characters which are required for printing in Western European countries and the Americas, but of course there are numerous other languages that your business may need to print in order to compete in the global marketplace.

    We work closely with a number of linguist font specialists to provide the correct character sets for each foreign language application.

    Some of our notable achievements in this field are:

  • The implementation of Thai fonts for a large credit card company's billing system in Thailand
  • A custom set of fonts to enable a large Welsh utility company to support the Welsh language.
  • A project to supply a Jordanian company with a specialised set of custom Arabic fonts.
  • Ongoing projects to supply Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish and CE fonts in AFP and other formats.

    Whatever language is required we are sure that we can provide a service for you.

    Please also visit our CJK Fonts page.

    Euro Symbol
    European Monetary Union commenced on January 1, 1999 for participating EU countries. As part of the need for monetary identity, the EU decided that a new symbol should be created to define the Euro. Because the symbol was designed in logo format, it is frequently difficult to fit it into your existing character sets. Terrapin offers several euro symbol solutions such as euro symbol design, euro insertion services, and a software package that allows you to generate euro symbols on-the-fly in all of your fonts. See euro services for more.