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Documotion Research, Inc.

In 2001 Terrapin was approached by Documotion Research, Inc. to develop a set of shaded fonts for use with its Hydalam™ Security paper. Hydalam is becoming increasingly popular as a tamper-proof method of distributing sensitive customer information such as PIN numbers and passwords. Documotion Research, Inc. holds the worldwide patent and trademark rights to the technology and has licensed it in more than 15 countries around the world.

Hydalam™ consists of an area of laminate onto which the secure data is printed in a low contrast font. Behind the laminate is a perforated section on the paper which the user peels away to reveal the PIN number of password. Terrapin originally developed a full set of IBM AFP, Xerox and PCL bitmap fonts to comprise a font starter kit that was made available to all Hydalam™ users.

One year later, with the experience of the bitmap fonts behind us, we produced a set of PostScript and TrueType fonts so that users had a clear migration path from high-speed to desktop printing for reprints and small volumes.

These outline fonts were more of a challenge than the bitmap fonts, as outline fonts are not generally shaded (or coloured). Shading or colouring is usually added later by the software application and is not a part of the font itself. However in this case it was imperative that the font itself contain the shading information for integrity of the paper product, and this was done successfully.

We continue to support Documotion Research, Inc. and it's worldwide distributors with custom fonts for use with different languages and different size specifications.

I have been working with Terrapin Solutions since 2001 and am extremely happy with the service and delivery of our very specialized font requirements. Terrapin has been able to deliver where others have failed and has provided us with the fonts we need to be successful.

Our font project has been very complex because it involves creating screened font images that need to appear consistent across a wide range of print output devices. Testing these proved to be very difficult and time consuming. Several font developers passed on the project because of this. Terrapin not only persevered but also took the time to find out our requirements and developed their own testing methods to make sure we would get what we needed.

Terrapin has been very proactive with their service to us and to our licensees and have made it possible for us to focus on growing our business instead of worrying about the fonts we need.

I would recommend them highly to anyone that needed font development. If they can make our Hydalam™ fonts they can make just about anything.

Joel Van Boom - President Hydalam Logo