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In April 2007 we were approached by HSBC Software House in Tampa, FL to provide language fonts for their project to supply customer facing documents for Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia. HSBC's requirement was to have single-byte TrueType fonts supplied in the typeface of their choice, in this case Univers. We supplied HSBC with Univers language fonts covering CE (Central European) and Cyrillic (For Russia). HSBC use the Exstream Dialogue software to create the required document templates that are then used with mainframe-based variable data to create the final printed documents.

We worked with HSBC in identifying how the translation tables within Dialogue had to be amended so that the PC document templates, and the resultant AFP files after they had been converted, printed and viewed correctly.

We also supplied an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode font in TrueType format that they could use in Exstream Dialogue which was a requirement for post processing of the documents at the print vendor.

We were very pleased and impressed with Terrapin's prompt turn around, high quality of deliveries and friendly and proactive customer service. Their ability to analyze and provide solutions and still meet our very tight schedule proved to be key in allowing us to address all font related issues and successfully implement our project on time. We are looking forward to working with Terrapin again in the

HSBC Logo Cristina Girardi, PMP
Consultant - Business Systems
Document Solutions
HSBC Software House
HSBC Technology Services USA